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CT-1010-SS-VCD Full-Size Inmate Telephone


Housing: High Security, 14 Gauge Steel

Size: 21 H x 7 W x 2 D

Connections: Modular or Spade

Handset: Armored cord with steel lanyard, and heavy 14 gauge steel retainer

Instruction Card: 2 H x 5W

Line Powered: No A/C power required

Mounting: Mounts directly to wall or to a TM-178A Backboard

Warranty: 2 Years


Technical Specifications

- 20mA minimum to 80mA maximum line power

- Meets FCC Parts 68 and Bellcore

- Meets Waterspray Test Bellcore
TR-TSY-000456 7.2

- Relative Humidity 0% to 95% condensing

- Operating Temperature -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

- Hearing Aid compatible. Meets EIA-RS-504

- Meets ADA Requirements

Ordering Options

CT- 1000+

SS = Stainless Steel

BL = Blue Powdercoat Painted Steel

BK = Black Powdercoat Painted Steel

IHS = Invisible Hookswitch


12 = 12 Mini Handset cord length

18 = 18 Short Handset cord length

32 = 32 Standard Handset cord length


Replacement Parts

CT-10107 Chrome Cradle

CT-20106 Micro/Magnetic Hookswitch

CT-40109-M 12 Handset

CT-20109-M 18 Handset

CT-10109-M 32 Handset

CT-30105-P Volume Control Dial

CT-30106 Invisible Hookswitch

CT-10115-03 Security Screws

Optional Equipment

TM-178A Wall Mount Backboard

TM-24-7 4-Wheel Telephone Cart

TM-24-8 2-Wheel Telephone Cart

CT-19192 PIH Security Screwdriver Tool



Repair and Refurbishment Services Available

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