Telcom Marketing Group, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Coinless Inmate Telephones and Visitation Phones in the United States. We provide the highest quality product, with the features you need, at the lowest total cost.

Each product is engineered to minimize maintenance costs, while providing maximum security. Every phone TMG manufactures is rugged and vandal-resistant.

Telcom Marketing Group, Inc. has patents pending on the both the Handset Top Inmate Telephone and the Invisible Hookswitch.

The Handset Top Inmate Telephone features a short handset cord that exits through the top of the phone to reduce the risk of inmate hanging. It is the only phone of this type on the market that meets ADA requirements.

The Invisible Hookswitch was developed by TMG as a substitute to a standard Mechanical Hookswitch. It is an anti-fraud component that prevents flash hook dialing and vandalism. In addition, the Invisible Hookswitch seals the front of the phone to keep out unwanted moisture.

Whether for City or County jails, State or Federal prisons, halfway houses, adult or juvenile correctional facilities, TMG has a complete line up of products to cover any application.

Other uses for TMG Coinless Telephones:


Coinless Pay Telephones

Emergency Phones

Truck Stops

Courtesy Phones


Taxi Phones

Bus and Train Stations        


Hotels and Motels                


Colleges and Universities

Apartment Buildings

Swimming Pools   

Recreational Facilities

CT-400 Stainless Steel
With Volume Control

CT-400 Black With Round Volume Control

CT-400 Blue
with Handset Top
Suicide Deterrent Phone

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CT-1000 Stainless Steel
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